Our Environmental policy is at the heart of our established business and is the foundation
the company is built on.  

We are all aware of the environmental damage felling hardwood rainforests is causing and
that is why 95% of all timber used by us is recycled from our vast collection of vandalised
unwanted and redundant park benches and street seats.  

Timber goes through a process of being graded for quality, type, coloration and suitability
ensuring the highest quality reclaimed timber.  Occasionally new timber is necessary and we
only use reputable suppliers from sustained forests with correct accreditation.

Metal coating also has an environmental impact due to pollutants emitted in to the air during
the spraying process.  We will only coat using nylon this being a product of soya bean
oil, which is extremely knock resistant and hardwearing  but with a much improved  life span.
And we feel is more environmentally friendly than painting this is also carried out to
accredited ISO standards.
“ The World Wildlife Foundation UK”
Welcomes the commitments of LUSHGLEN in recycling  timber  materials
In its renovation of exterior furniture

Dax Lovegrove
Bussiness Relations Manager